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The 11+

Our comprehensive 11+ preparation course is carefully structured to give children the confidence, knowledge and ability to pass the 11+ Entrance Exam. We teach them the skills required via our dedicated 11+ workbooks, worksheets and classroom based exercises. 

Students regularly take mock exam papers, giving them valuable experience and parents receive regular updates on their child’s progress. Our course also enhances their knowledge and ability to compete at a high level in the secondary education system.

We recommend beginning 11+ prep nine months in advance to ensure that your child is fully prepared for whichever admissions test you wish to put them forward for.

What is the 11+?

The 11+ is an admissions test used by selective schools to ensure that they only offer places at their schools to the top performing, most able pupils and these schools are often oversubscribed.

It is usually taken by pupils aged 10-11 (year 6) in November of the year before they are due to start secondary school. In order to take the exam, each individual pupil's parents may have to apply for them to take it; no arrangements are made automatically.

The 11+ exam can consist of up to four different disciplines.

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • English
  • Maths

Schools can set their own questions and some schools have their own style of test, combining different elements of the four disciplines within the exam, they also tend to change the questions every year so it is important to be well prepared for all possibilities.

Questions can be set as multiple choice; generally grammar schools or the standard no choice of answer; generally independent schools

Book your free assessment at Premier Learning today and see how our tutors can create a unique course of work for your child that ensures they have all the skills necessary to tackle the 11+ exam with confidence.

Our 11+ courses: Designed To Help Your Child Succeed.

  • Year 3: age 7-8
  • Year 4: age 8-9
  • Year 5: age 9-10
  • Year 6: age 10-11

Don’t leave it too late, we start 11+ preparation from year 3 (age 7-8)

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