Helping every student
reach their full potential

How it Works

Helping every student reach their full potential

We take a unique and innovative approach to teaching that helps students connect with the subject that they need to master. Through personalised and focused teaching processes, each student develops the tools they need for ongoing success in their fields of study, we do not succeed unless our students succeed.

No joining fee, membership fee or administration fee!

We opt for small group tuition where the maximum ratio is 6 students to one tutor which is just the right balance between individual attention.

Free Assessments

Each student receives a free assessment test, devised to help us identify their own unique strengths and weaknesses, ensuring that we can challenge and stretch the student in exactly the right areas.

We discuss with the student and their parents any areas of concern or problems they have and ascertain what their goals and objectives are during their assessment so that we can focus on the most important areas first. After enjoying our free no obligation assessment students can attend as many classes a week as they wish at our Premier Learning tuition centres which are open 7 days a week including all school holidays. All lessons are two hours long and those two hours must be of one subject only.

Premier Learning students are encouraged to reach beyond their limits. Our tailored programmes encourage them to reach a level of academic achievement far beyond what the National Curriculum demands.

Our tutors and centre management monitor the progress of each student as they work their way through our workbooks, paying particular attention to their understanding of course texts and their development of new study skills through course exercises. Students are regularly given assessment test and mock exams

Parents receive feedback reports on their child’s progress and we take great pride in emphasising their achievements. At Premier Learning we believe that children’s education needs to be supported and nurtured in order to bring out the very best in them.

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