What is Home Education and why choose it?

Home education is when parents take full responsibility to provide an education for their children instead of sending them to school. It is an excellent option for parents who are not satisfied with the progress of their children in the school system. With the school system struggling to cope with excessively large classes and a frequent shortage of teachers, many children are failing to receive an adequate education. Children are individuals who often learn in very different ways; they make different rates of progress and require individual pupil support to help them with the subjects or topics they struggle with. Children who fail to receive the support and attention that they require often become bored, frustrated and in some cases disruptive. This can result in students failing to achieve their true potential.

Is it legal? Yes

Parents have the responsibility to provide an education for their child throughout the years of compulsory schooling. The law in the UK states that this can be done at home or outside of a conventional school and has an equal status as schools under section 7 of the Education Act 1996.

Have you considered flexi-schooling?

Flexi-schooling is ideal for children who would prefer to attend school part time. This can prove particularly effective for short periods such as when a child is recovering from an illness, from bullying or any other temporary difficulty. Flexi-schooling can be organized through the individual school.

Can they still take exams? Yes

Home schooled children can take their GCSE (IGCSE for full-time home schooled students only) and A-Level exams as private candidates at an independent exam centre.

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Why choose Premier Learning?

Home Education/ Schooling is intended to provide a complete focus on a child’s needs and offers more flexibility to teach a student at their own pace. At Premier Learning, we have an established homeschool programme that tailors the tuition to the academic levels of each student. We offer specialised tuition in English, Maths & Science and this is open to students of all ages and abilities, from Reception all the way up to A-Level.

  • All Exam Board Preparation Including AQA, EDEXCEL and OCR.
  • English language and literature.
  • Mathematics.
  • Biology, chemistry and physics.
  • Specialist in 7+, 11+, grammar and private school entrance exams, GCSE & A-Level preparation.

When do we teach Home School?

  • Monday to Friday  
  • 10:00am – 12.00pm
  • 12:00pm-2:00pm
Homeschool is currently run at our Brixton centre only.

Please call the Brixton centre on 0208 678 8131 for information on which classes are available or email us at info@premierlearningtuition.co.uk

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